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What We Love About Tucson

Let’s start with food. Whether you want amazing craft cocktails and food with organic ingredients grown on-premise like Maynard’s Kitchen or upscale authentic Mexican food like Elvira’s. Tucson has got you covered from downtown to any of its unique suburbs.

A true college town atmosphere. Everything in Tucson revolves around the University of Arizona. When the nearly 45,000 students invade the city from early August through mid-May, everything is buzzing. They drive the economy. Having young people as the focus for most businesses keeps everything fresh. That’s a good thing!

Did we mention history? The Tucson area was likely inhabited by paleo-indians as early as 12,000 years ago! In 1692, the Spanish built the Mission San Xavier del Bac about 7 miles north of the original settlement. Tucson is one of the oldest towns in Arizona, actually in the Southwest. 

You can go skiing in the middle of the desert. That’s right – Mount Lemmon offers skiing in the winter months. With an elevation of over 9,000 feet, it gets pretty cold up there. The peak receives over 200 inches of snow on average every year. The town of Summerhaven is perched atop Tucson at about 8,200 feet and enjoys average temperatures in the mid-70’s during the summer months